Our Library features a wonderful selection of historical and educational books on Zanzibar and is a comprehensive resource on the History of Zanzibar and East Africa. We have a great selection of books about animals, trees, spices and fish native to the Island and East Africa.
We organize classes “under the Palm trees” featuring Mwalimu (teacher) giving Swahili classes and lessons on the History of Zanzibar. Guests can also learn Palm weaving on the beach.
Cooking classes are organized regularly where guests learn to prepare some classical Swahili dishes with our excellent chefs who talk about the local spices and their use and importance.
Aside from the Tours and Excursions that are offered at our Guest Relations Desk, Baraza features a selection of activities designed to explore our area and interact with the community


  • Visit our local village of Bwejuu and see how Zanzibaris shop live and work. See the school, a typical house and walk around accompanied by our guide who is from the Village. You will have a soda at the local kiosk and see the goings on in Bwejuu. All proceeds go to the village of Bwejuu fund.
  • Let us organize a Swahili cooking lesson for you with our chefs. Make a selection from our menu of different classical Swahili dishes. Roll your sleeves up and start rolling Chapatis. A Great experience for couples, a great experience for the family and a great experience for the kids.
  • Let us teach you how to play Bao. This African board game traditionally played with 24 baobab seeds. Bao is thought to be one of the oldest…
  • Reef safari: On low tide walk out to the spectacular Indian ocean reef full of corals and marine life with our qualified guide who will show you the way and point out interesting and unique corals and marine life.
  • Dive the Indian Ocean with the only national Geographic Registered dive center on the island of Zanzibar. Featuring an innovative turtle rescue program which is done with the local fishermen.
  • Sail a Swahili dhow/ Ngalawa on the Indian Ocean. We have a traditional dhow which is a beauty to sail. Join an experienced Zanzibar seafarer in sailing the dhow to the Mchamvi Mangroves and Peninsula. The same way that has been done for hundreds of years and many generations
  • Learn to climb a coconut palm. Let our agile and amazing gardeners show you the way up a coconut palm with nothing more than a rope! Learn to weave palm leaves and make a hat or mat for a memory of Zanzibar